Radiation-Induced Xerostomia

Xerostomia is a chronic and debilitating disorder of the salivary glands in which saliva production is impaired. Xerostomia has a number of different potential causes but may result from radiation therapy for head and neck cancer or be caused by certain autoimmune diseases such as Sjogren’s Syndrome.

We are developing AAV-AQP1 to treat radiation-induced xerostomia (RIX). AAV-AQP1 is an investigational gene therapy that was designed to increase water conduction in salivary glands that have been damaged by radiation therapy. The gene therapy introduces a water conducting channel into the damaged glands. We are currently conducting a Phase 1 clinical trial in patients who have lived cancer free for five or more years following treatment for head and neck cancer and are suffering from grade 2 or 3 RIX.

MeiraGTx Clinical Trials

MeiraGTx is currently recruiting patients to participate in the following salivary gland gene therapy clinical trials:

Patient Resources

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