MeiraGTx, a clinical-stage genetic medicine company with a global footprint, is focused on developing potentially curative treatments for patients living with serious diseases.

MeiraGTx is pioneering transformative technologies that allow precise control of gene expression using proprietary oral small molecules. Our gene regulation platform includes synthetic riboswitches, rationally designed for mammalian cells. This gene regulation system provides an unprecedented platform for spatial and temporal control of gene therapy, with broad implications for the applicability of genetic medicines for treating a wide range of potential disorders not limited to inherited diseases.

We have multiple ongoing clinical programs, one compassionate use program and a broad pipeline of preclinical and research programs.

While we are initially focusing on diseases of the eye, salivary gland and central nervous system, we believe genetic medicine has broad potential to treat a range of conditions.

Each day we work to improve the lives of patients through cutting-edge science designed to treat their specific disease. We believe each patient deserves the best treatment possible and with our highly flexible genetic medicine platform and manufacturing process, we believe we can deliver on that promise.

About Us