Potentially Transformative Gene Regulation Technology

MeiraGTx is developing a potentially transformative technology to enable the use of small molecules to turn gene therapy product candidates on and off. The aim of this gene regulation platform is to convert gene therapy into a generalizable delivery mechanism for biologic drugs using a small molecule “switch” for temporal control. We believe the capacity for temporal control of gene therapy products has the potential to transform the gene therapy landscape by opening up new treatment possibilities. Further, we believe this technology is viable for a therapeutic product and is also the first instance of a proprietary system for screening randomized aptamers and small molecules within mammalian cells for functional interactions. Our goal is advance this technology and identify product candidates for preclinical development.


Research and Preclinical Programs Targeting Underlying Causes of Neurodegenerative Disease

MeiraGTx has research and preclinical programs targeting neurodegenerative diseases, with a research focus in ALS and Alzheimer’s disease. In each of these diseases, we aim to target what we believe is a central factor in the underlying cell biology of the diseases, specifically RNA metabolism in ALS and endosomal trafficking dysfunction in Alzheimer’s disease. Relying on our expertise in viral vector design, delivery, production and manufacturing, we are aiming to develop and optimize vectors to effectively treat both genetic and sporadic forms of these diseases.


Our Pipeline

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